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Courage said in February 28th, 2009 at 5:49 pm

This really works! I love my hair now. And think how much money I’ve saved! We used to go through a bottle of shampoo a month around my house, and twice as much conditioner (lots of girls!). Now, a fifty cent box of baking soda and a $1.00 bottle of vinegar lasts just as long.

I just want to mention that if someone really did not like the smell of vinegar, or had an allergy to it, or finds that the vinegar is too strong, remember you can substitute lemon juice for the vinegar and get the same results.

Also, not everyone needs to use the vinegar rinse every time. Some may wash their hair with baking soda two or three times between each vinegar rinse. A lot depends on the water quality.

Thanks for posting! Keep up the good work!

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[…] Try a different brand of shampoo, or no shampoo at all! (read a previous post Never Shampoo Again). Maybe all it would take for him to willingly let you shampoo his hair, is to let him buy some […]

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[…] First off, don’t use shampoo when you wash your child’s hair. Shampoos may contain harsh chemicals. They may sting the eyes, or make baby-fine hair more unmanageable than ever. I never use shampoo. I haven’t for over a year, and I wash my granddaughter’s hair the same way. I wash my hair with baking soda, and about every third or fourth wash, I rinse with an apple-cider-and-water rinse, which restores the natural pH balance of the hair. (Lemon juice will do, too) My hair is cleaner, healthier, longer, shinier than ever, and baking soda costs pennies to the dollars of fancy shampoo. It doesn’t sting the eyes, or contain harmful chemicals. If you want more info on baking soda shampoo, it’s all over the web. It’s often referred to as “no poo” or “no shampoo”. I have a previous post here, Never Shampoo Again. […]

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