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corny said in September 29th, 2012 at 2:24 am

At home, this kind of learning is not at an optimum level. In a pre school the supervisors focus on teaching children the age-appropriate behaviors through observation and imitation.
Most of the playschools have language and listening room, a motor skills room and a drama and theatre room. Such spacious playschools not only provides variety to the child in terms of learning and polishing their skills but also helps the parents in making the right decision for their child. As a child learning habits develops from an early age which they carry till the end.

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Lorelei said in October 10th, 2012 at 10:39 pm

I know we will disagree on this! I am a preschool teacher. I did provide the best lesson plans I could. I tried to be patient, loving, kind, and firm with the children in my care, but I still was not their mother. Children learn best at home. Day cares and preschools came about because too many moms HAD to work! Now we make nice preschools so moms can feel better about working. But the sort of preschool you describe is very very rare, and only for the most wealthy. Most preschools I have come across have one room or even one section of a room per age group. A group of four year old children remain in their four-year-old room all day, except for a brief stint outside – and by brief, I mean about fifteen minutes in the morning, and maybe thirty minutes after naps in the afternoon. There was no language room, no listening room, no motor skills room and no theater room. One underpaid and overworked preschool teacher worked with the four year olds by herself, and maybe she was good at drama but not so good at reading aloud. Or maybe she had great skills at doing physical activities with the children, but not as good at maintaining discipline. Few preschool teachers have more than their undergraduate degree! Children DO learn from an early age by watching and imitating others. So which is better – to be home, and watching and imitating a loving parent twenty-four/seven, or to be in a classroom setting, and watching and imitating other four year olds?

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